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Please, please remember that if you send a message to the e-watch system it goes out as an e-mail to every e-watch member in Baycliff.  If you RESPOND to an e-watch message your response will go ONLY to the sender of the original message.  Remember, if you want to send a message to the entire group you must send an e-mail to baycliffwatch@googlegroups.com.

Dear Baycliff resident:

The Baycliff Civic League has decided to begin an e-mail Neighborhood Watch to promote safety, awareness, and communication between the residents of Baycliff. As some of you were aware, a series of robberies occurred in Baycliff in late June. Within the last day, gasoline was siphoned from a resident’s car in their driveway. A neighborhood e-mail system will aid in disseminating information that would be of concern to residents as soon as it occurs and is available. Similar e-mail neighborhood watches in the area have been very successful in both increasing awareness and catching criminals.

How E-Watch works:

E-Watch maintains a distribution list which contains the e-mail address of everyone who signs up to be part of the E-Watch system.  Anyone can post a message to the E-Watch system by clicking on the link near the top of this page or by sending their e-mail message to baycliffwatch@googlegroups.com.  Every message posted to the system will immediately be distributed by e-mail to everyone who has registered to be part of E-Watch.

How do I sign up for E-Watch?

Just send an email to baycliffwatch+subscribe@googlegroups.com with your name and address and you’ll receive an email invitation to join the group.

What is Google Groups?

We use an automated bulletin board system supplied by Google Groups to maintain the mailing list and to distribute messages.  When you register for E-Watch you will receive a message from Google Groups to confirm that you want to join the Baycliff E-Watch group.  Just follow the instructions in the e-mail to complete your registration.

How do I post an E-Watch message?

It’s simple.  Just click on the link at the top of this page that says “Send an E-Watch Message”.  Your e-mail program will open and a new e-mail message will be created with the proper “send to” address already filled in.  Just write your message and click the “send” button.  In just a few minutes everyone who has registered for E-Watch will get your message.

Can I post a message without going to the Baycliff Website?

Yes.  Send an e-mail message to baycliffwatch@googlegroups.com.  Your message will be posted and sent to all members of the E-Watch group.