Thank you to everyone who has donated! Please see below to make a new donation or to make an additional donation for this critical project. Click here for the list of donations as of March 27th.

Last Fall, all residents received a letter explaining the needed boat ramp repairs and requesting a donation from each household to fund the repairs. Thanks so much to all who have donated to the boat ramp repair campaign so far. Baycliff Civic League has collected $43,921 in donations. This is a great start to the goal of $48,000, but we still need $4,079. A goal tracker was placed on the bulletin board at the front of Baycliff’s entrance. This will be updated regularly and help all residents know where we are and how much more we have to collect. The civic league is asking all residents to donate a minimum of $200, and more if your home frequently uses the boat ramp. If your household hasn’t already donated, please do so as soon as possible. We need to have all money collected by September in order to start the repairs on time. Together we can make the critical repairs and have a community boat ramp that is accessible to all residents for many years to come. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the boat ramp renovation chairman, Steven Gray at

Click here to read the letter from your neighbor and 40 year veteran of the Corp of Engineers, Andy Reid, in support of this project.

Check donations should be made payable to the Baycliff Civic league and placed in Kenny Vaughn’s mailbox
(1904 Crestview Landing) or in the civic league mailbox at the front of the neighborhood
Please use this QR code for Venmo donations and note “boat ramp repair fund” on check or Venmo.